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New PPG DP7000 Air-Dry Primer is both fast and green

Outstanding drying properties differentiate this new primer in both Air-dry, IR and bake process.

Introducing New DELFLEET ONE® High Performance Wash Primer

The new High Performance Wash Primer delivers excellent corrosion resistance and a professional finish with no need to compromise on speed or performance.

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PPG launches PPG LINQ digital ecosystem for the refinish industry

Revolutionising digital colour matching.

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“ProcessManager makes it easy to plan your daily work”

- Simon Jonsson, Manager for Body and Paint Department at Märsta Bilriktning AB.

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LEAN – the whole workshop can benefit from it

LEAN training for the entire workshop - Möller Bil, Skadesenter Trondheim.

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Why aren’t my profits as high as they should be?

Increase your bodyshop profitability with the MESURA tool.

PPG’s Technical Audit increases your bodyshop productivity

IAudit is a technical audit where technical experts from PPG go through all areas of the bodyshop to ensure our customers have the right conditions to improve their efficiency.

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Introducing DELFLEET ONE® F8650 - PPG’s new premium clearcoat for the commercial transportation market

Using the latest technology, PPG’s new premium clear, the DELFLEET ONE® F8650 UHS Clearcoat, is set to bring a premium high gloss and impressively painter-friendly solution to the commercial transportation market.

New Online Training Courses

Upgrade your competencies in a few hours with our effective online courses.

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"With the use of PPGs MVP Tools, we have gained valuable insights into the numbers and optimized our workflow"

- Says Daniel Fransson, Manager, Atracco Auto AB

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MVP Business Solutions help create competitive advantage

Each MVP project is different, as it is designed to address the individual pain points and bottlenecks in the specific bodyshop, but overall it is about improving business efficiency and productivity.

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PPG introduces ColorReader, a new digital colour identification tool for the commercial transport sector

PPG ColorReader is a portable, Bluetooth-connectable device which can precisely match a full range of CVM and international standard colours in few seconds.