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Two out of three cars made in Europe and North America today use the PPG® brand's technology and knowhow. This makes PPG Refinish the supplier of choice for OEMs and bodyshops.

The PPG Refinish uses its extensive OEM expertise and the latest technologies to develop its products.

Always committed to the ongoing research and development of our products, the PPG brand were the industry's first supplier of nanotechnology, and we retain our position at the forefront of advanced technology with products such as CeramiClear™, Self-Levelling Primer and Waterborne Engine Bay.

The PPG Refinish offers a comprehensive range of products that are easy to use and flexible. They deliver the perfect finish every time, enabling bodyshops to enhance their productivity and grow their profits.

From Envirobase® basecoat High Performance to our extensive range of Ultra-High Solids Clearcoats and Direct Gloss, the PPG brand has a solution for every situation.