New digital tools for the commercial transport sector

PPG has expanded its digital toolbox with the launch of a new web application created specifically for the commercial transport (CT) sector. This intuitive application is quick and efficient, making it easier than ever to select the optimal solution for refurbishing and refinishing commercial transport vehicles.

The Product & System Finder applications are available to use on all web-supported devices. This valuable digital tool encompasses individual products with Product Finder, as well as System Finder which includes full paint systems.

Product & System Finder includes the complete product range for the CT sector, as well as the most common paint systems used for the repair and refurbishment of CT vehicles.

Easy and user-friendly tools - simple filter structure

Product & System Finder operates via a simple filter structure for an easy and user-friendly experience. A range of categories including substrate, application method, usages, product type and desired finish allow users to filter according to the exact needs of their project, ensuring that the tool will always recommend an appropriate product or system for best results.

Icons system and comparison functions 

In addition to this, Product & System Finder uses a dedicated icon system to display key product or system features. Product icons include a variety of features such as ‘process efficiency’, ‘low VOC’ or ‘UV resistance’, allowing users to quickly check and compare items for maximum clarity. For systems, icons are used to display how the system scores on the ‘speed of process’ and ‘appearance of finish’.

The application also includes a handy comparison function which allows users to compare up to three complete systems on one page and generates a unique URL to easily share the results with others. 

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