Why aren’t my profits as high as they should be?

Is your material consumption too high? Are you wasting products and money? Are you getting paid for all the products you use? What is my repair mix and how will this affect my material consumption?

Consider MESURA

The MESURA tool is part of PPG’s Most Valued Partner (MVP) Toolbox. PPG offers a range of tools and services to customers, collaborating with them to analyze their business and identify areas for improvement. As a separate part of the MVP services, we can offer a MESURA project for your bodyshop.

Increase your bodyshop profitability with MESURA

MESURA is all about measuring material consumption, saving costs and reducing waste. In a MESURA project, PPG dives into all aspects of the repair process and identifies areas for improvement.

Example of waste in a bodyshop.

Example of waste in a bodyshop.

PPG experts measure the material consumption car by car; job by job; how much paint ends up on the car, any waste, and how much goes back on the shelf-if any. In a typical MESURA project, PPG measures approximately 25 cars to get a realistic overview of what is has cost to repair each damage.

Everything is broken down, including:

  • Analysis of parts repaired and replacement parts
  • Application products and techniques
  • Paint material costs per repair order
  • Material usage and waste

Comparing bodyshops in the same chain

MESURA is also an effective tool if you have more than one bodyshop and wonder why they are performing differently. In a specific MESURA project done recently, we compared two bodyshops handling approximately the same number of cars/damages. We clearly identified differences in the amount of waste; the amount of non-paint products used and the repair technique used.

One bodyshop was getting newer cars with smaller damages while the other bodyshop was getting more older cars with larger damages. We found variances in how colour trends affect the repair process which in turn affects other products like primer and clearcoat. The difference in this repair profile caused the difference in costs and profits.

Specific plan per customer because each bodyshop is different

Based on the measurements and observations, PPG prepares a documented report for the individual bodyshop clearly identifying which processes to improve upon to reduce waste and save costs. The report by PPG gives a deep, detailed, and good understanding of the workings of the bodyshop, including benchmarks, figures, and areas for improvements. It gives a quick graphical overview of how much paint is used per work order - and based on this analysis, the workshop can do more effective planning.


Stephen Booty  Business Solutions Manager Nordics

Stephen Booty Business Solutions Manager Nordics

Saving costs – increasing profits

Obviously, it is up to Management to decide how much to share, but we have seen that involving employees in the findings could be highly beneficial. Employees will get a better understanding of the whole workflow, costs, and processes and how sometimes just by changing processes a bit, you can help save costs and increase profits.  

Basically, the right quality and technique is essential if you want to save material and costs. If you do not know where to begin – ask PPG for MESURA. 



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