PPG’s Technical Audit increases your bodyshop productivity

Not sure where to start with improvements in your bodyshop? PPGs Technical Audit (IAudit) is the suitable tool!

The IAudit is a part of PPG’s Most Valued Partner (MVP) Toolbox. IAudit is a technical audit where technical experts from PPG go through all areas of the bodyshop to ensure our customers have the right conditions to improve their efficiency. We are experiencing an increased demand for IAudits because there is an ever increasing need for adjustments to new market conditions.

The greatest potential for improvement

In an IAudit, PPG experts will highlight those technical areas that offer the greatest potential for improvement and draw up an individual action plan to ensure an increase in overall productivity.

The right conditions are crucial for getting the best possible result, no matter if your aim is increased profitability, shorter repair times or a higher quality of your repairs.

Stephen Booty, Business Development Manager, PPG Refinish Scandinavia

Stephen Booty, Business Development Manager, PPG Refinish Scandinavia

A typical IAudit takes one day and it will cover the entire bodyshop – from Reception & Services and Health & Safety
to Bodyshop Equipment, Processes & Education.

Focusing on:

  • Does the equipment you use maximize the features of the products used?
  • Do you have the most suitable repair processes for your bodyshop?
  • Does your bodyshop staff have the required level of training/education?
  • Does your bodyshop comply with health and safety regulations?

With the IAudit, a PPG specialist and qualified personnel will answer these technical questions.
The IAudit is done on an iPad and includes photo documentation.

Action plan – complete with photo documentation and areas of improvement

On day two of the IAudit we present our report and develop an action plan together.

Based on the findings of the IAudit, you will get a complete analysis of your production – outlining the areas for improvements with the aim of increasing efficiency. The presentation will include a clear list of action points to do, who and when.

Combining the experience of PPG Refinish experts with your knowledge will enable us to determine the right production criteria for your business. Only by utilizing the latest tools and methods will your bodyshop be able to stay ahead in the market.

Stephen Booty, Business Development Manager, PPG Refinish Scandinavia, says:

 “We are currently doing a number of IAudits in Sweden and we see very good results for the customers.
The customers are particularly satisfied with the IAudit because they get a clear understanding of their current state and what their future improvement opportunities are. An effective bodyshop today requires careful planning and use of resources and this is what a IAudit highlights

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