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The purpose of our MVP tools is simple: Help your business grow and achieve the goals you set. At PPG we are dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive set of trainings, tools and services to our customers, helping them turn industry challenges into opportunities for winning. With our MVP toolbox we offer a range of tools and services to our customers, and collaborate with them to analyse the business and identify areas for improvement. We believe the most successful business didn't get to where they are by doing the same as they've always done, but by continuously improving what they do and how they do it - simply, working smarter. 

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This is what others say about their MVP experiences

MVP tools have already been applied at a number of customers in Scandinavia and here is what some of them say about their experiences:

"Through the MVP tools and close cooperation with PPG, I have a gained a much deeper understanding of the workflow of our bodyshops and the key factors to keep improving our processes." 
Manager, Daniel Fransson, Atracco Auto AB

Our customers are very positive towards MVP - because it works. They can both see and measure the positive differences made in their bodyshops.”
Sales Manager Anders Zirath, Carsystem Sweden AB

Below you can read much more about what we can offer. All MVP solutions are tailored to each customer - let us help you take your workshop to the next level. 




Gut feeling should never serve as the foundation for your decisions when deciding on the future of your company. Therefore, the first step of any MVP Development Plan is a benchmark report, gathering all necessary information about the performance of your company and your employees. Only by knowing where your weaknesses are, can we develop a plan for maximum improvements. 

Together we will uncover all aspects of your business:

  • What is the financial situation of your company?
  • How does the production in the workshop floor perform?
  • What is the status on administrative tasks and leadership in your company?

By comparing your data with the benchmark values of our database, we can dentify both your weaknesses and strengths, ultimately increasing your profitability by developing plans for improvement based on the analysis.

Running a LEAN business

The business of repairing cars are facing serious challenges, and many workshops are already having troubles making money. Prices are being lowered, autonomous cars will soon be a regular sight on the roads, causing less repairs to be done, at lower prices. As shops are increasingly coming under pressure, making the same amount of repairs at a lower cost, without compromising will be defining for the winners of the future. 

Implementing LEAN in your business means: 

  • Lower costs gained by more effective way of working.
  • Lower time spend on each repair, thus increasing the total amount of repairs each week.
  • The ability to continuously improve your workshop and identify ways of saving time and money.

In a business where prices are constantly lowered, the only way to stay in front is through effectiveness. LEAN gives that opportunity.


The well-known ProcessManager IT system is an indespensible tool for effectively manage your business. ProcessManager assists you in all parts of your business. Your customers book repairs directly into the system, pick-up is arranged automatically, and the system automatically create invoices. Even further, ProcessManager ensures you a smooth repair process, by automatically ordering materials when the current are used as well as track the performance of all part of you workshop - helping you manage is as best as possible. 

Using ProcessManager enables you to:

  • Spend less time doing administrative work. 
  • Ensure the needed products are always in stock.
  • Understand exactly how much time, material and other costs are used on each repair.

ProcessManager enables its users to work smarter to ensure a healthy business. 

Technical Audit

The right tools are sometimes crucial for getting the best possible result, and that matters, no matter if your aim is increased profitability, shorter repair times or a higher quality of your repairs. The Technical Audit performs a detailed analysis of the paint or metal shops production area, and reviews all relevant areas such as the repair process, equipment used, work standards and evaluates the competencies of employees. The audit uncovers potential for improvements within:

  • Information about the latest-generation advanced repair processes to improve work methods. 
  • Less inefficiencies, by detecting incorrect practices in the repair processes.
  • Reduced cycle time.

Only by utilizing the newest and best tools and methods can the workshop stay ahead in the market. The Technical Audit helps you obtain first position.

Business Seminars

We strongly believe that the way to help our customers grow, strengthen, improve and push their businesses forward is to invest in expanding knowledge. To do this, we have designed a series of leadership and managing the workshop that will be taught by the best specialists in each area. Hard work alone is no longer enough to compete in todays market, instead the situation of today calls for both working hard, but at the same time working smart. Therefore we offer training courses several subjects:

  • How to motivate employees, and lead change. 
  • Continuous development of more effective work methods. 
  • Track development of all relevant performance indicators in your business, and know exactly how you are doing.

Lets work together to grow your business. 

Bodyshop Design and Layout

It's no surprise to anyone working in a workshop, that moving cars around the floor is a time-consuming process that generates no bill-able hours. Depending on the basic layout of the workshop, several hours can be saved each day, by optimizing how much, how far and how often cars needs to be moved around on the floor. We offer our customers:

  • Unique bodyshop layout designed specifically for your workshop, that optimizes your workday.
  • Graphic 3D representation of our design proposal for you to experience before rebuilding.
  • Use all the available work hours on repairments and increase the total number of billable hours. 

Simply put, optimizing the flow of vehicles, reduces wasted time, which otherwise represents a loss of time and money.

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