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Colour Science

For both the bodyshop manager and the vehicle owner, the colour match quality of any repair is the ultimate test of a refinish product, and the PPG Refinish excels in this area.

The science of colour is really the core of our business and we know that the ability to reproduce the original colour is the thing that repairers strive for most when refinishing a vehicle.

PPG Refinish's exceptional ability to reproduce original colour stems from four key areas:

Outstanding Colour Match
Four dedicated colour laboratories across the world ensure all new colours and variants are accurately matched.

Strong working relationships with Motor Manufacturers ensures early involvement in the design of a colour and at the production stages to identify any variants.

Accurate Production
All toners are produced to a tight specification in state-of-the-art production facilities.

Every batch is sprayed out and colour-checked to ensure consistent colour reproduction.

Standardised Application Techniques
There is one recommended technique for each of our product lines and these techniques are used by PPG's Production quality, Colour matching and Colour card suppliers and PPG's customers.

Industry-Leading Colour tools
The RAPIDMATCH™ spectrophotometer combines the only five-angle spectrophotometer with a scientifically developed maths algorithm customised for the automotive coating industry.

The PPG brand's ENVIROBASE® High Performance Variant Deck is the industry-leading colour tool in the market providing accurate "panel quality" colour chips.


RAPIDMATCH™ is a trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.
ENVIROBASE® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.