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Technical Bulletin - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - RADAR  

December 1, 2022

Vehicle manufacturers worldwide are increasingly deploying Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in their products including RADAR, ultrasound, cameras, and LiDAR. 

Coatings and RADAR

RADAR equipment is usually located behind the bumper on cars and light trucks.

The RADAR signals pass though the bumper and coatings as they are sent into the environment and the reflected signals pass through the coatings and bumper again before they are received by the RADAR equipment.

In certain circumstances there can be loss in the transmission of RADAR signals passing through painted panels (plastic bumpers). If the loss of RADAR transmission through the painted plastic bumper exceeds a certain threshold, then the functioning of the RADAR may be diminished, and it may not function as designed.

RADAR Capable Color Match

For the small number of colors where the measured RADAR transmission loss is above the threshold set by the vehicle manufacturer, PPG is providing a special “RADAR capable” paint system and color formula. This is usually done by replacing some or all of the aluminium toners with existing, alternative toners.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - RADAR