In a world that demands environmental sustainability and profitability, the refinish business is undergoing a powerful transformation. The good news is that the PPG SUSTAINABILITY CO2NCEPT can deliver both. It offers a complete upshift in bodyshop optimisation by future proofing your business with innovative product solutions and energy saving processes, digital tools as well as services and training that will deliver profitability and productivity across all bodyshop departments in a sustainable, energy efficient manner.

A venture designed with the objective of helping businesses to reduce energy, waste and CO2 emissions throughout the whole repair process and in all daily bodyshop activities.



Unlocking sustainable profitability in the refinish industry through the synergy of efficient processes, digital tools, low-energy products and adopting sustainable behaviors and processes to drive positive environmental impact.

2022 ESG Report

2022 ESG Report

For more than a decade, PPG has been working toward sustainability
– ESG goals that focus on key challenges for us, our customers and society at large.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and is a way of analyzing companies from a non-financial perspective. Companies have been evaluated mostly based on financial values, but a company's operations also have an impact on the environment, its employees and society in general. How effectively a company is managed is also decisive for the company's sustainability over time.

From 2023, the EU requires all companies with more than 250 employees to report on their sustainability work. From 2026, even smaller companies will be required to make annual sustainability reports.

Since our first set of sustainability goals in 2012, we have focused our efforts where we can make the most significant impact. Over the last year, we reviewed our goals and developed more ambitious 2030 targets that align with our growth strategy.

See our progress through 2022 against our existing goals below, as well as our new 2030 targets, which we will report against moving forward. We will continue to report against our 2025 goals. 

You can download our ESG report here:

ESG Report in brief

ESG Report in full

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