New PPG DP7000 Air-Dry Primer is both fast and green

Faster air-drying saves bodyshops time and energy

The brand new PPG DP7000 primer saves bodyshops time and energy thanks to fast air drying, helping to increase productivity and profitability and reduce environmental impact.

Premium two-pack acrylic primer

PPG DP7000 Air-Dry Primer is a premium two-pack acrylic primer that is suitable for use with PPG ENVIROBASE® High Performance basecoats, PPG DELTRON® Progress UHS topcoat and all other PPG topcoat systems.

The drying times of this new primer is among the shortest in the refinish market and works in all humidity conditions. Baking or infrared curing can also be carried out when air-drying is not appropriate.

Dries rapidly and unaffected by humidity

“Air-drying processes have the potential to generate substantial energy savings for body shops and repair centers” says PPG EMEA Technical Manager Jordi Orriols and elaborates: “The advanced acrylic technology in PPG DP7000 Air Dry Primer means that it dries rapidly and is completely unaffected by humidity, so users can achieve excellent results whatever the humidity in their region. It can also be successfully applied in varying temperature conditions thanks to a range of ancillaries launched alongside the core product.”

Easy to prepare, mix and apply

PPG DP7000 Air-Dry Primer is available in three grey shades to allow optimization of the topcoat color. It is easy to prepare, mix and apply, and offers flexible dry film thickness and superior sanding properties.

For more information about PPG DP7000 Air-Dry Primer: DP7000

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