Introducing DELFLEET ONE® F8650 - PPG’s new premium clearcoat for the commercial transportation market

Using the latest technology, PPG’s new premium clear, the DELFLEET ONE® F8650 UHS Clearcoat, is set to bring a premium high gloss and impressively painter-friendly solution to the commercial transportation market.

With its excellent spray absorption and smooth flow, the new UHS Clearcoat provides a solution for all size and types of jobs met in the commercial transport industry, which require an outstanding high gloss finish.

F8650 UHS Clearcoat is the first clearcoat of PPG´s striking product platform Delfleet One.  It has been developed to support Delfleet One into the future, where the latest technologies are designed to deliver professional and superior finishes, reliable and consistent performance and efficient process to both bodyshop repairers and manufacturers/ builders.

F8650 UHS Clearcoat can also be used in combination with the DELFLEET® basecoat systems and further enhance the application properties and performance.

Stig Hokstad, Technical Sales Representative, says: 

"This is an easy to spray clearcoat, providing an outstanding gloss. It looks wet even though it is dry. The clearcoat is also very good for multi-stripe applications where sharp lines with no edges between the paint layers is required. It can be used in large areas and for smaller parts."

The F8650 UHS Clearcoat works with all existing ancillaries of the Delfleet One platform.