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End-to-end digital ecosystem for global refinish industry

PPG goes beyond paint

Our revolutionary industry-leading connectivity platform has been exclusively designed to completely transform customer experience, partner relationships and internal body shop operations. 

With PPG LINQ, painters can modernize their repair processes using the cloud-based platform and its interconnected digital hardware, software and innovative services.

PPG LINQ™ Streamline body shop processes, optimize operations, connect with partnersand maximize profits.

Discover PPG LINQ™



Streamline and automate repair processes using​ PPG’s cloud-based platform and its interconnected digital hardware, software and innovative services.


Open the door for enhanced partner relationships​ with distributors, increase customer intimacy, improve visibility with aftermarket partners to help inform decision-making and expand business opportunities.


Embed sustainability into day-to-day operations​ and minimize environmental impact, with optimized product consumption and waste reduction.


Maximize revenue with technologies that save​ time on labor, remove the chance for human​ error and reduce product consumption.

PPG LINQ™ Tools​

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