"With the use of PPGs MVP Tools, we have gained valuable insights into the numbers and optimized our workflow"

Daniel Fransson, Manager for Atracco Auto AB

We have asked Daniel Fransson, manager for Atracco Auto AB, about the background for his interest in PPGs MVP tools. He was initially interested in the measurement of material consumption, but subsequently, they have expanded the use of the tools to ensure continuous focus on bodyshop optimization.

Atracco has been using PPG products since 2012, but it was when they expanded their business and bought three more bodyshops that Daniel Fransson saw the need to get a deeper knowledge of the numbers and specifically understand why the four bodyshops showed different profit percentages.

Main focus on material consumption

After the acquisition, Daniel Fransson contacted PPG regarding help to analyze the variance in material consumption in their four bodyshops, and PPG Business Development Manager, Stephen Booty, introduced Atracco to the MVP tools for Bodyshop Optimization. Stephen Booty visited all four bodyshops and measured paint consumption, looked into the figures, identified bottlenecks – “in the whole process”, as Daniel says. Based on these findings, PPG prepared a report for all four bodyshops explaining the variances in material percentages and identifying where they could find the largest potential for improvements. 

Mgr Daniel Fransson, Atracco Auto AB

Mgr Daniel Fransson, Atracco Auto AB

Continuous improvement approach

One report is not enough. To succeed, it is important to ensure a continuous focus on improving the workflow – and that is what Atracco is doing. They send in monthly figures for all four bodyshop, and PPG analyses the figures and issues monthly reports in order for Atracco to track the changes implemented and follow the results. PPG works closely with Atracco to help them optimize their workflow and stay focused on continuous improvement.

Beneficial Round Table meetings

During the initial analyses, PPG organized a round table meeting in Søborg for all their MVP customers. Daniel Fransson says: “The round table meeting is a great opportunity to meet others from the repair aftermarket and share experiences and best practices in the trade. We look forward to participating in these meetings when conditions allow us."

Full transparency - positive employees

Atracco, with Daniel Fransson in the lead, has chosen to be fully transparent about the optimization analyses and the reasons for doing them. They include all employees in the change processes; share the reports; explains the findings and necessary steps to improve the workflow.

In this process, Atracco focuses specifically on employee training and education, helping ensure that every employee has the necessary qualifications to do a good job efficiently. Daniel says: “our employees have been positive from day 1. We tell them about the findings – and how we can save time and material by optimizing the workflow."

Nathalie Lindberg, Roland Karlsson, Krister Gal and Daniel Fransson

Nathalie Lindberg, Roland Karlsson, Krister Gal and Daniel Fransson

Thinking and working smarter

Daniel expressed: “We have done several training sessions with PPG - and more are planned. Together with PPG, we have developed an educational plan for all our bodyshops and prepared individual trainings to meet the different needs of our employees. Our approach is that we are here to ensure that all our employees have the right knowledge and training to do an efficient job. It is about thinking and working smarter and increasing the level of quality.”

Daniel Fransson concludes: “Through the MVP tools and close cooperation with PPG, I have a gained a much deeper understanding of the workflow of our bodyshops and the key factors to keep improving our processes.

We are currently planning a new round of material measurements for comparison with previous measurements. We will also keep focusing on the training of our employees.

I am convinced that many bodyshops would benefit from working with the different MVP tools, starting with a thorough analysis of their bodyshop. For our part, we have achieved very good results by informing our employees about all analyses and findings. We are all on the same page and working towards the same goal.”


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