DP7000 Air-Dry Primer

Product Description

The new PPG branded Air-dry Primer will provide customers a best-in class 2K acrylic primer.

DP7000 has been designed for use under ENVIROBASE® High Performance basecoat, DELTRON® UHS Progress or and all other PPG topcoat systems.

Product Code: D856x



The Faster Way to Save Energy

Outstanding drying properties differentiate this new primer in both Air-dry, IR and bake process. In Air-dry mode, the new DP7000 provides 80-100 microns sandable in 30 mins @20°C under all humidity conditions. 

DP7000 is easy to apply with excellent sanding properties whilst focusing on the efficiency of the bodyshop. The onevisit application helps in reducing overall process time and the fast air-drying makes this product environmentally sustainable.



  • Fast Air-drying
  • One visit application
  • Drying modes: Air-dry, IR, bake
  • Simple mixing ratio
  • Acrylic technology
  • Primer REACH Compliant:
    No CMRs in SDS section 2 and 3



  • Product environmentally sustainable
  • Product energy saving
  • Product versatility
  • Ease of preparation
  • Speed of drying is not influenced by humidity
  • Helps reducing overall time


D8270 - DP7000 Hardener - 1L

D8727 - DP7000 Standard Thinner - 1L

D8728 - DP7000 High Temp Thinner - 1L


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