Commercial Transport Colour Chip Tools

At PPG we make sure that you are perfectly prepared for all your repair and manufacturing paint challenges. Our colour identification cards have been developed in close collaboration with industry painters. We are proud to share our accurate and practical solutions with you:


DELFLEET ONE® Metallic Colour Collection

Our Delfleet One Metallic Colour Collection was developed to address the practical and aesthetic needs of the commercial transport sector to give you a visible competitive edge. This exclusive range of 43 colour hues allow you to create individual metallic finishes, by tinting F8050-9006 RAL9006 Aluminium Ready Mix up to 10% with Delfleet One toners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



This spray out library has be designed following extensive research with industry painters and to ensure that you have the 100 most popular colours for commercial vehicles at your fingertips. Our professional solutions stands out for:    

• Large panels
• Strong but flexible material
• High quality painted finish
• Code on back of panels for easy formula retrieval
• Unique wall hanging storage
• Ability to add your own shop spray-outs

Also discover all our digital colour identification and paint mixing tools, such as TOUCHMIX® Express, RAPIDMATCH™ Go, COLORMOBILE® or PAINTMANAGER® XI.