D8177 Rapid Performance Clearcoat

Product Description

D8177 provides an incredibly fast clearcoat that can be applied in a single visit, maintain a rapid 5 min bake cycle and also offers a quick Air Dry cycle where appropriate. Thus offering both a significant amount of energy saving and process time improvement, without compromising on performance. D8177 is designed for use over ENVIROBASE® High Performance and DELTRON®.GRS basecoats.

Available in a 5L pack size.

Product Code: D8177


Achieve features and benefits, such as:

Features Benefits

Dry in 5 mins @ 60˚C, 20 mins @ 40˚C and Air Dry in 20* mins (*Dust Free).

Significant energy savings and fast process times,  increasing throughput in the bodyshop.
Easy to apply and hard out the oven with a glossy mirror like finish.   User-friendly, providing confidence in a high quality repair - first time.
One visit. Save time and material with one visit application.


To be used with following Ancillaries:


  • D8307/E2.5     UHS Hardener


  • D8308/E2.5     UHS Fast Hardener


  • D8757/E5     Accelerator Thinner for Clearcoat


  • D8758/E5     Accelerator Thinner for Clearcoat – Slow