MVP Business Solutions help create competitive advantage

“Our customers are very positive towards MVP - because it works. They can both see and measure the positive differences made in their bodyshops.” Anders Zirath, Carsystem Sweden AB

When PPG distributor Carsystem Sweden AB (Carsystem) was introduced to PPGs MVP Business Solutions, they immediately saw the potential of the tools for their customers: “Working with PPG and their MVP tools, we are able to offer valuable support to our customers and collaborate with them to analyse their business needs and identify areas for improvement” says Anders Zirath from Carsystem. 

After an initial kick off, Carsystem, with Sales Manager Anders Zirath in the lead, started working with PPG Business Development Manager, Stephen Booty, to introduce the MVP tools to their customers. Customer projects were identified and they were invited to a Round table meeting at PPG Nordic facilities in Søborg, Denmark.

Sales Manager Anders Zirath, Carsystem Sweden AB

Sales Manager Anders Zirath, Carsystem Sweden AB


According to Anders Zirath, these meetings were – and still are - highly valued by the participants. The round table meetings are held twice a year (when Covid allows for physical meetings) and give a unique opportunity for sparring and networking. Workshop owners and managers value the open discussions and the sharing of experiences and best practices in the trade.

Identifying bottlenecks and improving efficiency

Each MVP project is different, as it is designed to address the individual pain points and bottlenecks in the specific bodyshop, but overall it is about improving business efficiency and productivity. Based on an individual analysis of the shop, PPG makes a report to pinpoint the areas for improvement in the bodyshop, but it is up to the customers, which type of help they want. Do they want to work on it themselves and get guidance, or do they prefer to get hands-on assistance to implement the changes required to increase productivity.

As Anders Zirath explains, “we can support our customers in many ways according to their size and needs. Sometimes they need analyses of paint consumption and repair costs, sometimes input of re-designing the shop for better workflow, or help to identify and improve processes in and around the spray booth. The key to success is collaboration – between PPG, the specific customer and ourselves.”

The MVP tools are flexible and efficient – suitable for both smaller and larger bodyshops

As an example, Anders Zirath mentions that certain customers do not have Process Manager (PPG digital planning tool), so they use an iPad instead when registering re-work. It is easy to use; five clicks and they see what their rework is costing them. Another easy access tool with great impact for the individual bodyshop is the 5S workshop optimization. 5S is a system for organizing a complete bodyshop with focus on making it easier for people to do their work. It seems simple, but it is effective.  In one example, Anders mentions that one customer was able to work on more cars after a thorough 5S of the paintshop.

IAudit – A new MVP tool

For other customers, a more comprehensive audit of the business could be beneficial. The iAudit is a technical audit of a bodyshop designed to highlight those technical areas that offer the greatest potential for improvement.

In an IAudit, a specially trained technician will evaluate the efficiency of the complete bodyshop. Based on the findings in the iAudit, PPG will prepare an individual action plan to ensure an increase in the overall productivity and profitability of the workshop. Currently PPG and Carsystem are planning serveral  iAudits at their customers for 2021.

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