“It is the future! MoonWalk has made a big difference in our daily work! It frees so much time!”

Upplands Motor on the advantages of MoonWalk, automated paint mixing machine

We have visited the very busy paint shop to learn about their experiences with MoonWalk, PPG's automated paint mixing machine.

Upplands Motor AB (UM) is the second largest Volvo dealer in Sweden, and they have locations in Kista, Uppsala and Länna. UM in Kista has had MoonWalk since July 2019; Länna has ordered MoonWalk with delivery in May and Uppsala will get MoonWalk in connection with their reconstruction in the Autumn. So, we have a feeling UM is quite positive about MoonWalk - but what do they see as the greatest advantages of the machine? We have asked Christopher Bülow, Paint shop Manager at UM Kista, and Rasmus Selander, Workshop Manager, UM Kista, about that.

Exited from the beginning

Upplands Motor was quick to spot the potential of MoonWalk; right after PPG’s big launch event in Madrid in June 2019, they showed a great interest in MoonWalk and got the machine at the end of July, as one of three test customers in Sweden. Since the beginning, they have embraced the new opportunities with MoonWalk.

Makes a huge difference in the Paint shop

Christopher Bülow is Paint shop Manager with UM and highly experienced within the industry.  Asked about his view on MoonWalk, he says quickly: “MoonWalk frees so much time! It is easy to use, offers more precise mixes and brings down the stress times of the painters. Also, it makes material consumption better. We are just happy that we got it!”

Rasmus Selander, Workshop Manager, Kista, continues: “We have only gotten positive feedback from our painters. The love it! They are proud of their job and they all like to see the business grow; to get the latest equipment and so on.”

In the picture: Christopher Bülow, Paint shop Manager, Upplands Motor Kista, (in front)  and Rasmus Selandar, Workshop Manager, Upplands Motor, Kista.

Christopher Bülow and Rasmus Selander, Upplands Motor AB

No painters like the manual mixing anyway

Christopher: “We have a busy shop with 20 people. We just employed one more painter. It takes around 3-5 minutes to do a manual mix – so it is a big advantage that MoonWalk frees so much time. It has brought down the stress level among our painters. It is great for me as well, as I can prepare the mixes and then go and take care of other tasks, help a colleague or something else.

You quickly get used to it and depended on it - but luckily it runs smoothly. We are doing 10+ mixes a day with MoonWalk.”

Employees are more positive

Christopher concludes: “Moonwalk makes it easier to employ people, gives a better color response on the cars, and you can do other jobs while it mixes.

In addition, employees are more positive now. We are all proud of what you are doing here – and so it is fun to see that we are advancing!”

I highly recommend to get MoonWalk. I cannot stress it enough: It is the future!”

Christopher Bülow, Upplands Motor.

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