PPG creates retro rock ‘n’ roll inspired colours for the new Mini Remastered

The new Mini Remastered by David Brown Automotive reintroduces the iconic shape of the Sixties into a 21st century package. David Brown Automotive is a British car manufacturer that specializes in creating retro-styled cars and when it comes to sourcing fantastic paint finishes, PPG are their go-to partners.

PPG and David Brown Automotive started their partnership with the debut model, the Speedback GT, in 2014 where David Brown Automotive first approached PPG to get advice on colour and paint finish to showcase its design. That was had such a positive reception, that the English car manufacturer was delighted to renew the partnership for the new Mini Remastered.

Mini Remastered in PPG Crimson King

“We appreciate the excellent quality and paint development abilities of PPG and it was a real pleasure to work with them again on the creation of an entirely unique range of colours for our second model, Mini Remastered, which was launched this year” says Michelle Gay, Sales & Marketing Director at David Brown Automotive.

Mini Remastered is presented in three specifications: standard trim and two limited-production special editions, ‘Inspired by Café Racers’ and ‘Inspired by Monte Carlo’ – with unique exterior, interior and accessory finishes, alongside performance enhancements.

Mini Remastered Interior

Crafted with passion

Each original 1960s Mini is lovingly rebuilt from the ground up using traditional coachbuilding techniques and takes around 1,000 man-hours to create.

The vehicles retain their vintage charm whilst offering the latest in modern in-car technologies and conveniences. Customers can also personalize their car’s exterior finish, contrasting roof, full interior trim and wheels.

Colours with soul

When it came to developing a unique range of colours for both Mini Remastered and their earlier Speedback GT model, the David Brown Automotive team placed their trust in PPG.

“With each Mini Remastered costing in region of GBP £100,000, it was important that the colours we created reflected the prestige and exclusivity of the David Brown Automotive brand,” explains David Rossiter, UK Senior Colour Lab Manager at PPG Industries.  

We invited the company’s design team to PPG’s colour laboratory in Stowmarket and collaborated closely with them throughout the colour styling process. Initial colour samples and special effects were presented on individual panels before being painted onto small car shaped models for modification and approval.

“For Mini Remastered, we developed 11 non-metallic and two metallic colour options that would be sympathetic to the car’s retro styling and also showcase its fantastic shapes and panel quality. Together with David Brown Automotive, we had great fun taking our inspiration” from classic rock ‘n’ roll songs to create shades such as ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’, ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘Good Vibrations’,” says David Rossiter.

From OEM to Refinish

As the OEM paint supplier for these vehicles PPG also is the first and only paint supplier to offer repair solutions that accurately recreate the original paint colour and finish. “We are proud that we have built the trust of this elite manufacturer who sees us as best in class. And we constantly try to amplify our offer such that customers can benefit from a unique driver experience by further personalizing their colour selection,” adds Rossiter.

“Every time PPG impresses us with the colours and finishes they are able to create. We always receive a huge amount of praise from both our customers and other companies within the industry on our paint colours and the Mini Remastered colour range has been no exception,” confirms Gay.


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