PPG launches new Wet on Wet undercoats for CT

PPG launches new WoW undercoats for CT

PPG launches new WoW undercoats for CT

PPG are happy to present F491X - a new range of Wet on Wet undercoat products for CT. As other WoW undercoats, the new F4911/15/17 requires no sanding before applying basecoat, which can be applied for up to 5 days, without sanding the undercoat.

F491X uses the latest primer technology, and is used in combination with Envirobase HP and F3113/4 UHS topcoats. It delivers a high quality finish, easy application and excellent holdout properties. F491X is available in three spectral-grey colours which can be mixed to 5 different colours, ensuring a very high colour match when necessary.

Delfleet F4911/5/7 WoW Primer

As it does not require sanding, the products provide a very fast new panel process for both repairs and builders. F491X can be recoated directly after 25 minutes, or for up to 5 days with no sanding, so new parts can be primed in batches in advance with minimal preparation, and can be held ready for the topcoating process throughout the work week.

The new undercoats uses the existing F3276/F3278 Delfleet UHS Hardeners and F3308 and F3306 Delfleet UHS thinners. 

 F491X can be applied over a wide range of substrates including:

  • Well cleaned unsanded Electrocoat.
  • Bare steel areas up to 10 cm diameter without the need for an Epoxy Primer.
  • Galvanised Steel, Zintec and Aluminium for rub throughs up to 10 cm in diameter.
  • Aged painted and original surfaces sanded with P320 or finer.
  • Sanded GRP and Fibreglass.
  • Sanded Polyester Filler.

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