D8175 is not just another fast clearcoat

Using the latest game-changing clearcoat technology, PPG has developed a unique product: a high speed drying clear with a winning combination of unparalleled finish appearance, hardness, excellent polishing properties, easy application and flow from the gun. You get all these benefits whilst drying to a flawless mirror-like finish in just 5 minutes at 60 °C.

For further energy savings, turn temperature down to 40˚C and it will dry within 20 minutes. In addition, the is the option to exclude the bake process completely, as it can also air dry.



D8175 Rapid Performance enables bodyshops to complete work quicker by reducing cycle time and process a higher volume of repairs, which results in significant energy savings. With D8175, you can improve your bodyshops profitability by optimizing workflow and relieving bottlenecks. 


Thanks to outstanding hardening properties and excellent polish-ability, D8175 provides an easy and productive process. This helps saving even more precious time whilst giving maximum satisfaction during the repair.


With its longer pot life, D8175 offers complete flexibility: all types of job can be repaired efficiently. The same product can be used for any repair type from spot repair to full respray without compromise on appearance, even for the largest areas.

Experience the benefits of D8175 below:

See how much you can benefit from a 5 minute drying time: