PPG D8115 Matt Clearcoat & D8117 Semi-Gloss Clearcoat

Introducing dedicated low gloss clearcoats

The growing popularity of fashionable matt finishes means that the demand for matt OEM car finish repairs is increasing.

In 2008, the PPG® brand launched D8113, which provided a solution for the repair of vehicles finished entirely in a very matt clearcoat. Following this accomplishment, the PPG brand launches two dedicated low gloss clearcoats - D8115 Matt Clearcoat and D8117 Semi-Gloss Clearcoat.

These new clearcoats can be used alone or mixed together to achieve a wide range of final gloss levels, providing an easy to use and flexible solution to match any matt OEM finish.

For example, D8115 can be used to repair the full matt finish, or mixed with D8117 to achieve a full range of low gloss OEM finishes.

Mixing ratios are simple, and since both products have the same activation ratio, they can be blended in any ratio required, to overcome any variation from vehicle to vehicle, or due to different local conditions.

Another benefit of these clearcoats is that they can allow for basecoat blending. There is no risk of edge to edge colour variation compared to the OEM finish and the clearcoat can be applied to a convenient break line to enable a perfect match to the gloss level.

D8115 and D8117 are both easy to apply, and to denib or remove any dirt.  They can be applied over rigid plastics without the need for special additives, providing a tough and durable finish.

D8115 Matt Clearcoat and D8117 Semi-Gloss Clearcoat features and benefits



2 dedicated clearcoats which can be used alone or mixed together, to match any low-gloss level

A simple and adaptable process to provide an accurate match to any low-gloss OEM finish, ensuring customer satisfaction

Easy to denib, and faster process times that existing systems

Increased process efficiency

Can be used over rigid plastics

Simple solution for all low-gloss repairs