F8650 DELFLEET ONE® UHS Clearcoat

Product Description

DELFLEET ONE® UHS Clearcoat is designed for Commercial Transportation Vehicles for both builders and repairers.

DELFLEET ONE® UHS Clearcoat is an easy to spray clearcoat, giving outstanding flow and gloss, and overspray absorption, meeting the standards demanded by the fleet market.

Thanks to the selection of its ancillaries, DELFLEET ONE® UHS Clearcoat can be used from small to large areas and can be sprayed in a large range of temperature conditions.

F8650 UHS Clearcoat can also be used in combination with the DELFLEET® basecoat systems and further enhance the application properties and performance.

Product Code: F8650


Achieve features and benefits, such as:

Feature Benefit

Very good flow

High level of final appearance
Customer Satisfaction

Ease of application

Painter satisfaction
Less rework

Outstanding Gloss and DOI

Customer Satisfaction

High Overspray absorption

Improved final appearance
Saves on material wastage

Final Gloss hold out

Saves on productive time

Use with existing Ancillaries

Reduces stockholding
Simple to understand product offer


To be used with following Ancillaries:


  • F8254/E5     UHS Hardener – Slow
  • F8255/E5     UHS Hardener – Medium


  • F8363/E5      UHS Thinner – Very Slow
  • F8364/E5      UHS Thinner – Slow
  • F8365/E5      UHS Thinner – Medium
  • F8366/E5      UHS Thinner – Fast
  • F8367/E2.5   UHS Thinner – Extra Fast
  • F8370/E1       UHS Thinner – Fade Out