Radar - Considerations for refinishing repair process

Learn where the sensors are located on the cars and whether you can do a spot repair or if the part needs to be replaced. You'll also learn which metal colors can cause problems for the sensors.

  • During the course, we will go through the different car manufacturers' recommendations when it comes to painting parts (bumpers) that contain areas with Radar sensors and how the painting can affect the technology.
  • We will discuss when it is possible to make a repair and when the part should be replaced.
  • Furthermore, we will discuss which paint formulations with excessive amounts of metallic pigments affect the technology and what to do in these cases.

All this to ensure that the safety of the vehicle is not compromised.

Who should participate?
For anyone repairing parts where RADAR technology is involved and those assessing the damage.

Deadline for registration: 
One week prior to the date of the course. 

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