Swedish thumbs up for MoonWalk!

“We can book more cars now!" - Owner of Fire Lack AB, Thomas Eldh

Fire Lack AB is a normal body shop in Sweden – normal in the way that they hate mixing colors manually! With the acquisition of MoonWalk, the days of manual back hurting, time-consuming paint mixing is over! 

A month ago, PPG installed the automated mixing machine, MoonWalk, at Fire Lack AB. We have asked Owner of Fire Lack AB, Thomas Eldh what he and his team think about it. The short answer is: “We are all very happy with MoonWalk – and especially our painter; he loves it! It is easy to use, clean and most importantly, with MoonWalk we save both time, paint and money!”

Thomas concludes: “we save time every day. We can book around 20 percent more cars every day, so that is good for business. We are definitely more effective with MoonWalk – we like everything about it. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the machine looks both cool and fancy with the nice green lights and everything”.

Thumbs up from Fire Lack!