SMART Repair - last course of the year - ready for 2020!

This week, our last announced course of the year was successfully completed.

This time we had the pleasure of having participants from both Norway and Sweden join our two-day SMART Repair course.

In short, SMART Repair is an efficient repair method for minor damage and scratches and offers excellent opportunities for quick and effective damage repairs.

The method teaches course participants how to use less time and materials for minor repairs. The workshop will also experience greater customer satisfaction, thanks to the shorter repair time.

Technical learning & networking
After the course, we asked some of the course participants about their motivation for participating in the courses and the reasons for giving such high satisfaction scores : )

More people mentioned two main factors: gaining technical knowledge AND networking; talking with people in the same line of work, getting new ideas and establishing new contacts. E.g., Peter Fronnå from Mobility Motors Sweden said that he values the networking part just as much as the technical part.

Custom made courses
In 2019, a record number of people participated in our Nordic training courses. In total, 385 participants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland found their way to our Nordic Training Center in Søborg Denmark.

It has been a busy year – not least for our Nordic Training Manager, Peter Boelsmand - having done numerous extra courses of the announced catalogue courses as well as a number of ad hoc custom-made courses during the year.

2020 courses
We are currently finalizing the 2020-course catalogue, and we look forward to welcoming as many dedicated course participants in 2020 as in 2019 :-)

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